Popular Online Games

Generally there are several types of popular online games, across several different genres. Here are some of the top ones from a broad range of genres.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is perhaps the most popular and longest running MMORPG in existence. the game is a pay per month model that allows players to assume the identity of a character in the fantasy world of Azeroth. Each character is of a certain class, able to preform a multitude of actions in combat, crafting and social interactions. Combat features heavily in the game and defeated enemies will reward the player with in game items and other rewards.


Destiny is a MMORPG shooter with a heavy emphasis on action. Players assume the role of a guardian whose role is to save what remains of humanity from multiple alien threats. The game is a cross platform offering from Bungie, the makers of the famed Halo series, and takes much of the appeal of first person shooters and combines it with an RPG’s level-up system, equipment upgrading and story telling.


Hearthstone is an offering from blizzard into the collectable card game genre, allowing players to collect and ‘craft’ different decks of cards used in the game. Borrowing heavily from Magic the Gathering, but with it’s own unique twists, Hearthstone has successfully made a CCG that is easy to learn and fun to play, appealing to a vast crowd of people.

League of Legends

League of Legends is an extremely popular Multiplayer Online Battle Area game where players assume the role of a summoner controlling the actions of a champion. Unlike other RPG’s, these champions level during the course of a 45 minute match and are rest at the end. The object is basically capture the flag and in a classic game pits five people versus five people in real time. Recently several other game modes were introduced around the same theme.


StarCraft 2 and its predecessor are some of the most popular real time strategy games in existence. Players assume control of one of three armies and are responsible for base building, resource gathering and army building before, ultimately, trying to decimate the opposing player(s). the game is a wildly popular e-sport and has players who play professionally.