How to Win On Poker Freeroll Tournaments

by on Oct.15, 2017, under Games Online

Poker freeroll tournaments can be a great introduction to the workings of the game. They are free to enter, and therefore there is no risk involved whatsoever. There can also be some potentially great winnings to be made! People trying to win on poker freeroll tournaments will probably play different strategies to what they would in a normal poker game. If they pay to enter a game, most people will play conservatively to begin with, not wanting to take any risks. In a freeroll tournament, many players will take risks early on, because if they hadn’t paid anything to enter, what did they have to lose? But is this a sensible strategy? The experts would definitely say no!

Just as in a normal poker game, it is advisable to play cautious early on in freeroll tournaments. If you have a really good hand, then go for it, because you can gain big whilst risking little this way. But if not, then play safe. Also, you should not call bluff or all-in early in the game, as it will likely lead to you exiting the game. By all means if you have a ‘poker-face’, try it later on!

It’s also a good idea to play in smaller freeroll tournaments as you’re starting out, as this way you can get a better idea of what strategies other poker players devise when playing. In a bigger tournament, there will be more people playing risks, and it will be harder to pick up good tricks from fellow players.

It may take a while for you reach the latter stages of freeroll tournaments, and as you do, you’ll realise that people will play more risks. Hopefully by the time you get to the later stages of a tournament, you’ll know what risks are worth taking. Good luck!