How to hold’em in Texas Hold’em

by on Sep.14, 2017, under Games Online

Texas Hold’em is one the most popular versions of poker, played in both physical casinos and online casinos. If you are new to poker or have played one of the other versions, then you are going to need to know the basics. So here we show you how to hold’em. It is interesting to note that even an AI has to learn and play the game to get better. To find out more about this click here. Just like an AI, players can best learn the game and improve their skill by reading numerous articles on the game. Read more articles here.

Texas Hold’em: The basics

The game is played against other players, with each player receiving an initial two cards. The first player has to put down a ‘big blind’ bet, which is equal to the table minimum. Next the player to the left has a choice of options open to them: Call – Place a bet equal to the big blind Raise – Place a bet higher than the big blind Fold – Resign from the current game The betting continues to the left in the same manner until it reaches the last person to bet. This player has already put a ‘small blind’ into the betting pot, which is half of the value of the big blind / half of the table minimum. This player can now call, raise or fold. If no raises have taken place, then the big blind can now raise the bet or ‘check’ and decline to bet. If the big blind was raised, then each player must now decide whether to call, raise or fold, until each player has put in a full bet. After this initial round of betting, community cards are dealt and placed face up. First three, then a fourth and fifth are placed in new betting rounds. The winner is the one who can then show the best hand using their initial cards plus the community cards.