Getting Your Game On

by on Jan.23, 2015, under Games Online

Most of us like to have a good board game session every now and then, but it can be hard to get enough people together who know how to play the same game. After all, you don’t want to waste time explaining the rules over and over again! Getting online to play your favourite board game is a great way to get your fix as well as improving your skills and meeting new people. There are three main types of board game sites online.

Dedicated Servers

These sites cater for one particular game at a time, meaning you’ll find a lot of geeks and big fans of the game, but also a more realistic experience as all the programming will cater for that one game. A great example is which is dedicated to the Settlers of Catan series.

Popular Games

If you’re more of a traditionalist with your games (we’re talking Monopoly, Risk and Cluedo here), then big game sites like allow you to play slightly edited versions of your game for free. Just make sure you read the adjusted rules before you start playing.

Social Media

Finally, lots of people use social media websites like to play games with people that they are already friends with. The range of games can be more limited than on dedicated sites, but it’s definitely more fun competing against people that you know in real life.